Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Scenario: 1
You are tasked to handle creating the plaques, a gold pendant design, 20 invitations, the stage design and the event logo for an upcoming major event in the workplace of your occupation. You are given Php5,000 to handle all tasks. The 20 invitations must be done by hand since there is not enough budget to have them professionally printed. Among those who shall receive the invitations are the Chairperson of the company you work for, as well as other luminaries who could easily have you removed from your workplace with a nod of their head, regardless of what labor unions claim.

You have accomplished the plaque designs, the pendant design, and have begun working on the invitations and the logo. You have to accomplish everything else within the next 48 hours.

And today, the powers that be inform you that your work is all on-hold. That the event schedule has been shifted to three days earlier. That the plaques and the pendant are ALREADY being created by the people you have contracted to etch, design, etc them. And that there is still a distinct possibility the whole event shall be cancelled and instead done next year with a bigger budget and a greater scope.

But they won't finalise that until tomorrow before lunch.

What do you do?

Me. I'm going home. Bahala na. Bukas na lang I guess.

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