Tuesday, June 15, 2004

It is One Thirty Four in the Morning
and I am still at work even as the Servivce Awards night has ended. Still have some last minute work to do which was just texted to me. Party tipsy and partly weirded out by the fact that the night went extremely well regardless of the minor problems that cropped up.

I think I'll stay in tomorrow.

I don't think I can wake up early, nor be in the mood to work once I get up tomorrow. The tequila, the red wine, the beer and the dancing kinda created a deadly mix. Well, at least I know that people at work really appreciate me and my work. And that no matter what other elements may naysay about me to the public, to the people whom I really am close to, I am understood and accepted as the person I have become.

Yes. I love working here in ABS-CBN Global Limited. It ain't Heaven, but definitely, it ain't hell either.

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