Monday, June 14, 2004

How about you?
I know now for certain that the world would be a better place for at least four people I can name if I happen to suddenly die today. No apology, no amount of humility or swallowing of pride can ever change the fact that in these four people's eyes I am the devil incarnate, the reason the world is fucked up and the very thing that makes their life frustrating.

Sorry guys, but I'm not dying any time soon. Live with it. Move on. I mean seriously, you told me to get a grip and move on. I did. I changed. Why do you still bad-mouth me to people we mutually know? Why do you still look at me as someone so evil? Why must you always paint me as the one who did nothing good?

Why can't you just realise people do change. And some people just want to get along better now? What makes you think you're so much better than me when you did your share of mistakes and I forgave you for them?

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