Friday, June 04, 2004

Good Things Today
First, finally got to watch HARRY POTTER AND THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN. What can I say, it was unnerving at first to realise how much older the kids have become. Followed by a slight irked sensation of seeing the new Albus Dumbledore. But after the first twenty minutes, everything just started to feel like they were all in the right place. I loved this movie more than the first two simply because it feels darker and more... plausible than the first two. Gary Oldman steals the show as always and I gotta find out why Dave McKean was in the credits!

Second, found out online that PENGEL: Quest for Color has a sequel! For those who aren't that much aware, PENGEL is a revolutionary spin on the monster-pet games which were popularized by Pokemon and Monster Rancher. In PENGEL, you create literally doodles that come to life as three-dimensional critters with powers, magic and the like. Well, trust me, as simple as the combat system is and as shallow as the premise is, the game is very addictive. And fun! Well, the sequel has a website online but damn it I cannot understand a single word of it. I can deduce from the pics though that the customization and ability to draw your doodles has gotten far far much better! I can't wait!

Then, there's Priston Tale which looks like a really good MMORPG! I know, I know, as defiant as I was towards Ragnarok, this game catches my attention more perhaps due to the more... well-thought-out process of levelling up and equipment. And perhaps its because the gamers in it seem more sensible than the majority of jologs in Ragnarok.

its Friday tomorrow.
'Nuff said.

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