Friday, June 04, 2004

Friday na pala!
I tell you. Stress and work can be terribly bed-partners. Would you believe that I only learned yesterday after watching Harry Potter: Prisoner of Azkaban that the next day (meaning today) was going to already be FRIDAY? Sheesh! I guess having that 23 hour shoot, the 2-day out-of-town excursion and the hectic need to catch up on other projects frazzled my body clock.

Things are getting a tad nicer for me on the horizon, I guess. Although it really is too soon to tell for certain, there seem to be less clouds blocking my view of the coming new day. Work load is taking a wonderful breather (although I can only worry for how long) and though I know the shit is going to hit the fan, I cannot help but be happy to feel that today is a good day. Maybe its a Friday-moment sort of thing?

Word play
Some words that have more meaning than most realise:
Angel, X, Radio, Piglet, Pee Pee, Gypsy, Sheryl, Tomato

SIGLO still being finished
Argh! Got around three more pages to draw, and almost all of them to color within the next few days! I know.. I know.. I am terribly late. Well, not really, but it feels that way. Ang hirap kasi bigyan ng justice yung work ni Quark Henares eh. Can't help but still feel as if his work should be illustrated by someone with more clout... like Carl or maybe even Gerry. But me? Nyek...

Will be working on this once SIGLO: Passion is done. Promise! I know marami kayong mga fans (ha! wish ko lang) who are still anxiously awaiting for the next installment. Sobrang sorry talaga! It will come I promise!

Same with
Which I plan to continue once DILIMAN 13 naman is done.

The Pool
Tori Amos
One with her hands open
"don't be afraid" she said
"no one will know it, just you and me"
And when it's over
I'll go back

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