Monday, May 17, 2004

Woke up early today
Feeling a tad unenthusiastic over the coming week. Though the sheer amount of workload doesn't really change anymore (meaning it is almost always fucking overly too much) it feels like there's even less now to really look forward to. One of those mornings that didn't quite start out right I guess. Sort of like waking up early enough to find you got some extra time enough for some snuggling and some good-morning-love-making only to realise you're actually still single. Not having a partner can really remove some of the splendor of a good early morning, that much I know.

Heard from the Awie
An old friend, Awie Roasa, called last night. He's all the way in Cebu, having transferred for a growing career (hell, he's earning much more than me!!! Managerial position na siya!) so in most ways I really am proud of him and of the courage he had to make the decisions he had to make. But the selfish barkadahan part of me still wishes he'd come back. It was fun hanging around and discussing everything from why girls can be money leeches, why women can be heart breakers and why frogs can fuck you bad and get you stuck on the road on a rainy night. He might be able to visit Manila come end of June or first week of July, so that's good.

Brown Out Blues
A quick brown out pissed me off last night. It happened while Seth, my house mate, was defraging his computer, and I was watching Paycheck. Must remember to buy a new batch of candles for such occasions. Thank God I wasn't playing Siren then, or any other Playstation 2 game for that matter or the memory card would be fried right now. Hmm.. de, buti hindi Siren or I'd be scared shit.
That game is creepy enough to make me jump at almost any noise I hear.

A Wet One?
Might have had a mini-wet dream today. Just noticed a small patch of.. well... you get the idea... on my shorts. Funny. I don't recall anything.

At least I'm sure it still works.

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