Wednesday, May 12, 2004

I got five hundred measly bucks to stretch until the next pay day comes along. I wonder, will I make it? Work has been hectic. Juggling three projects while trying to hit my usual deadlines. Sometimes, I wonder if any of the higher management people actually notice my efforts.

Watched Chaos, a movie by Hideo Nakata (more known for his other movie Ringu, which was remade for American audiences as The Ring.) It was interesting. Sort of like a cross between Diabolique and another movie whose name I can't seem to recall right now.

On a lighter note, here's some Sadako for you! (Yes, are you starting to notice how much interest I have in LEGOs?)

Going to be playing Changeling this weekend. Its about time. Miss that game. Marco will finally be in the game, but sadly, this too is Aldwin's last game for a while. Agh... real life can really be cruel.

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