Thursday, May 13, 2004

Update for yesterday
Other than the fact I was at work so early...
and had a horrific number of little murphies with regards to the projects I was overseeing...
there were some good things.

1) Met Francis (Bocelli)
He was at ABS-CBN for a shoot and I was free enough for a quick hello and wassup!
Cool guy. Turns out he saw one of my (in)famous plays back at DLSU. Was a bit ashamed to find myself standing before someone who saw me gyrating and flirtatiously hopping around a bed in nothing but my boxer shorts. Then again, its part of being an actor, eh?

2) Got to eat some really yummy chocolate
Thanks to Jeff, our Manila Operations Head, I got some really good dark chocolate with coffee bits for my birthday. Considering my financial status (shouldn't have lent that 5000! Well, it was for a good cause) it was a blessing that was very much appreciated.

3) Freaked out by Siren
Its a freaky good game. Some people hate it cause its trial and error based. But that's what real survival horror should be like. It's either you do it, or you die. Not like Resident Evil's you-can-beat-the-crap-out-of-the-monsters anyway. Silent Hill still wins over Siren for sheer cool story and engaging plot. Siren, unfortunately, has a partly clunky system which interferes with the feel of the game.

Still, if you ever wanted to try a game that felt like you're a character in Ringu, try Siren!

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