Friday, May 07, 2004

Just saw Hellboy
I liked the mushy-ness added to it.
And I really liked Abe Sapien.

But damn... what the heck happened to the script?
And what was up with Rasputin? From all those cool tricks (shadow walking and doing the batman "disappearances") when he was finally there, he did nothing! Heck, even the "steal the soul" thing was kinda hokey. Can't you just torture Hellboy till he agrees? Or kill the gal the normal way by slitting her throat or something.

And that raising the corpse thing in Russia... that was totally out-of-nowhere. No foreshadowing. No hint he can do that. Nothing. Argh... Where were Hellboy's talismans? He always had a lot of them to do the fighting with the occult. Argh..

I guess I wasn't too happy with the film.
The effects were amazing... but damn it... I hoped it was better.
And I'm not even that much a fan of the comic.

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