Wednesday, May 05, 2004

I fucked up
Or at least that's how I feel like right now.

At work, ust realised that we used the wrong fucking phone card in the telecom advertisement we shot last week. TWO FUCKING COMMERCIALS SHOT WITH THE WRONG PHONE CARD IN DISPLAY. Putcha... I feel this will be crashing down on me and that most will consider it my fault being the Art Director. The thing is, I believe I wasn't the only one who messed up. Everyone else in the team saw the card and didn't realise the thing was the wrong one. Damn damn damn...

I wonder if I'll lose my job.
I wonder if they'll blame me.
I wonder if this is really my fault and not someone else's.

I feel bad for the director too. Erin has been doing a very good job in working on the project. I feel like this is a failure of us to support him in the project. I feel like this is a moment we failed to tell him, "We're behind you in making this work out."

Damn. Argh...
God.... why am I so fucking incapable.

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