Monday, April 05, 2004

What a way to start the week
First, it rained. Thankfully, I didn't get wet, but yeah it rained.
Who would have thought eh?

Second, I woke up around quarter to eleven. Gah. Had a deadline to hit and I barely woke up in time to get to work early enough to do it. Actually, I was pretty much late. Stupid me and all, not waking early enough. Body clock at a fritz. Add to that the fact I'd probably be stuck here at the office til ten tonight.


Thirdly, I can't find my DVD of Lord of the Rings: Two Towers Extended.
I recall lending it out to two people: my boss and Ma-an, but neither of them has it. They both recall returning it and now I am in a fucked up state of wondering if I actually lost the damned thing. Shit.... original pa man din yon. I mass-emailled everyone here at work and asked them if they know who has my DVDs. Obviously, the problem with doing this is that if someone out there does have it and covets it, he/she knows now that he/she can get away with simply keeping it and claiming to have never had it. Fuuuuck.... I doubt my officemates are like that, but one never can tell eh?

Mondays are crappy.
Like old shoes that have been infested with ants.
Or them Playstation 2 controllers that seem to have a love for breaking easily.


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