Thursday, April 15, 2004

Uh what day is it today?
My office clock here reads 4:30:21 AM and I am alone in an empty office that is lit with the glow of computer monitors. My Mac is playing the soundtrack to Final Fantasy X-2. Behind me is the UMATIC TAPE containing my very first produced as a producer of ABS-CBN Global project. I'm actually pretty proud to have done this project by my lonesome (an act initiated by the fact we are grossly undermanned here in this department, and there aren't enough funds supposedly to hire new people.) I only pray they realise that I have that much potential and either increase my salary or at least promote me vertically (which in case you didn't realise, also increases my salary ha!)

Tonight... or is it this morning... I am working on a few graphic requirements needed for Friday, as well as the upcoming TVGUIDE which is the "Tobie's Time of the Month Project" infamously known to cause incredible degrees of crankiness, lack of patience and bouts of euphoric creativity. My advance apologies to all who might get a sting of my cranky attitude soon enough. Know it was not intended.

Then, there's the added fact I forgot my toothbrush at the apartment today. Waaah... I wanted to have clean teeth and yummy breath come the next morning... but I guess that's a nada. Unless of course I choose to shell out cash and buy the said needed things at the 24-hour open Mini-Stop down below. I wonder if the office with reimburse my money for buying toothpaste and a good toothbrush.

Neal has added me to his blog. Happy as I am to know someone out there other than people I actually know have me listed in their blog, I can't help but wonder why. Is my blog really that interesting even to people who don't know me? Eep. :-) Still, THANK YOU!

Well, that's enough for a commercial break.
Back to work, slave!
Oh. Sorry about that. I saw my reflection.

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