Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Spent the better half of yesterday...
... deeply asleep in my soft lonely bed. The terribly gaze of Sol burned through the ceiling and forced me to weep sweat from every pore. Still, it was not enough to wake me. Had only one meal yesterday... a futile attempt I guess to make up for the 1 pint, three sundae cups, four soft ice cream cones, 1 jelly tongue and 1 pinipig ice cream that I devoured on a whim. Forgot to vaccuum the upper level like I promised my roommate, Seth. And spent the later part of the afternoon online, perusing websites with keywords like Adhene and Cantrips.

In the evening, laughted my ass off watching Love, Actually followed by a near tearful moment which was effectively squashed by the visit of John Boy Tacujan with his birthday present for little ole me. He got me a hardbound collection of Clive Barker stories!!! Been a while since I had my barker-fix, so this really was a pleasant surprise.

After a laugh-filled hour of checking out a cute game I found called Magic Pengel: The Quest for Color, and a repeated influx of denials of any semblance, affiliation or relation to gayness, John boy then headed home.

Woke early to handle Color Grading for the shoot. Got to see Augs Cabazor and got back some money I loaned him... good timing too. I needed the cash hit. And now, its back to the usual work load. Here's hoping I live through the week...

I really need my salary soon.

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