Thursday, April 29, 2004

The countdown to the weekend continues...
And I have to admit, I am terribly excited for Saturday to come. Work has been nothing but a tedious constant flood of deadlines, diatribes and unnecessary requirements that have to be met. Frankly, nothing really irkes me so much at work as a person who supposedly calls the shots suddenly making commitments to others on things she herself doesn't really work on. I mean, its bad enough I am slaving my ass and soul nearly 24 hours a day at least once a week now, but does some cruel tart really have to tell the client that the project will be done on dates I myself have not even considered as a deadline? Putcha, why don't YOU do it yourself to hit that deadline, you cow.


On the lighter side, heard from Saint Eroica today. Although officially, I heard from her when she posted in my blog a few days ago, today was the day I got to text with her a bit. Its nice to be in touch with an old friend again.

Then, there's the fact that as of today, I am already clocking in 44 hours. I wonder if my boss will actually let me go home tomorrow at lunchtime (since we're only required to clock in 45 hours a week.) Frankly, I have my doubts, but I guess it wouldn't hurt to try eh?

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