Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Php15,000 for a Php12,000 peso loan
Got my approval for an SSS loan today. I was hoping to get the Php15,000 loan so I can get down and purchase those things I needed, as well as settle some bills and stuff. Instead, I get Php12,000 and upon computation of all monthly amortization, additional service charges and shit like that, I will end up paying them back at least 1Php15,000.

Again, someone tell me why I am still here.

Condolences to my Ate Ives
Ate Ives' mom passed away last Monday at around 6:00a.m. That, to my recollection, was about the time I woke up without hearing any alarm and instead having a dream about a huge mansion of a house, water overflowing everywhere and a sudden urge to try climbing some bamboo poles. Whether there is any significance or not with the two events remains to be seen. Most likely there isn't any I guess.

But I do feel sad for Ate Ives. Losing someone close to you will always be an event that isn't easy to bear. Sometimes it takes a few hours, or maybe even a few days before the impact really hits you. And with her husband, my Kuya Mike all the way in Los Angeles... it might be tough for her and the two kids.


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