Friday, March 12, 2004

The Passion of Christ
Officemate of mine was selling premier tickets. Php250 each. There ain't any reserved seating, but the price is okay for a movie that has been touted to be that good. I wonder though, if the world at large will be touched by it in the right way. Sadly, I really can't help but believe the world is filled with much more loonies than anything. This is a very imperfect world we live in, with much more pathetic losers and lowlifes than people worth knowing.

And the Passion of Christ might be just the excuse for them to use to start anti-semiticism or other similar atrocities.

Religions are dodgy business. Faith is what is important. Faith and the willingness to accept God's Grace.
Everything else... is just limited human attempts at comprehending something they do know is far greater than themselves, and yet choose to pretend they have encompassed in barely a few words.

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