Thursday, March 11, 2004

Five things
1) I am still at work.
Please. Don't ask.
I hate having to be here right now.

2) I have not finished my comics nor my script.
Oli. Budjette. Dean. Quark. Nikki. Vinnie. Carl. Benedict. Ner. Elbert.
Sorry talaga.

3) I want to game more often.
But there is neither time, player interest nor venue to use.
Ah. Fuck.

4) My computer crashed last night.
All the words and letters and shit appeared as strange symbols. For a moment, I though I was going through a meme-invasion thing like in GLOBAL FREQUENCY. Then I realised it was some simple fucked up hacker messing with my stuff. Or maybe a virus. All I know is that it ate my fonts folder clean. And thankfully, my housemate Seth had a Windows installer to reinstall my stuff back.
Well, just the Operating System.

5) I am fucking frustrated beyond belief right now.
Seriously. Had I had a plane ticket right now?
I'd go to the United States, and never come back.

Right now.

Of course, by tomorrow, I might change my mind and head home.

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