Thursday, March 18, 2004

I am not proud
Nope. I am not. Seth, please don't kill me for this.
Oliver, I know, I said I'll get rest soon.
And to everyone else, pardon this moment of utter infantile regression:

It's fucking 4:30a.m. and I am STILL working here at ABS-CBN Global for the Middle East Program guide (due in approximately 8 hours) and prepping for the teleconference which is to start in approximately 5 hours. Now, I just finished making templates for the Star Studio Magazine monthly ad, and two other commercials I have to have materials ready for by 11:00a.m. today.

And I didn't even bring extra clothes today.
Shit talaga.

I only hope they will let me home early later.
Putsa, kaya nga flexitime schedule diba? So I can actually set my schedule
to actually permit me a few hours of sleep damn it!

Someone offer me a Senior Graphics Artist position with a wage of 22,000 or higher, please?
I can also Art Direct commercials? Heck, I CAN direct with my buttload of experience with video production, theater, AND New York Film Academy learnings.

Any takers?

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