Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Staying at the apartment of a student of my aunt named Yan Zhang who has been very very nice and generous to me. We headed off to grab some dinner at The Asgard and had a most intertesting dinner! We actually had SHARK! Yes! Shark! Delicious and really filling, I guess someone finally thought of eating more than just them fins!

It was really nice hanging around here at Boston. Got to see more sights and stuff in the last day here. And my hostess, Yan, has been very very kind too! Ah, she's like a sister I never had... or an old classmate I forgotten.

I'm going to miss Boston. I definitely will.
I guess all my depression was really the cold getting into my head.
Ah... back to Los Angeles for me in a few hours! Do be a doll you all and pray for my safe journey! Be in touch when I arrive there!

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