Wednesday, February 11, 2004

So far... good. I think I figured out why I got sick yesterday. While moving around M.I.T. I discovered my back was covered with a thin layer of sweat that my shirt didn't seem to be willing to absorb. Well, I guess I fell pray to the natuyuan-ng-pawis syndrome back home that can cause fevers. Heheh.

Been moving around here, visiting the MITlibraries, the Coop, Kendall square and all that. Not much to look at in pictures, but hey, at least they're fun to check out. Blew my wallet buying David Mack's Kabuki:Metamorphosis to complete my Kabuki set. Then got a copy of White Wolf's Orpheus since I always liked the concept but never could find someone with a copy of the book.

Miss the Philippines.
I miss the warm climate and the cheaper things and the chance to hang-out and keep in touch with so many people. Out here, I feel like I got loads of opportunities surrounding me, and yet I feel as appealing as a leper. Not much word from friends. Barely any hellos from strangers. Each day passes with me having to remind myself, "The rest of the world that calls you friend is asleep Tobie... relax.." Damn. Many say their dreams and hopes can be met in the United States... but it sure feels like crap to a people-person like me.

Once again, considering cutting short my vacation.
Weighing that with the fact my parents would probably blow a few fuses in anger learning I cut short my trip and opted to head back so soon.

At least my blog looks more interesting, eh?

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