Monday, February 02, 2004

Stuck at home!
Looks like I ain't stepping out tonight. Well, at least not unless someone here is willing to go out around 2:00a.m. You see, here in the house, someone tripped the Security Alarm Systems. Tripping the alarm means the motion sensors have come on. Motion sensors on means that anyone who tries to open the doors to step in or out the house triggers the really, really, REALLY LOUD sirens that claxons for about five minutes straight. Sigh..

We tried calling the company that installed the alarm and as it turns out, the thing was installed before my uncle and his family moved in here. Now, to make things worse, when they instructed us how to deactivate the bugger, as it turns out, the thing even when unplugged remains active for at least 6-8 hours (due to a back-up battery).

So I'm under involuntary house-arrest.
Unless we want to lambast the area with noise and possibly even get the cops to show up and give us a hassle. Well, I guess this means at least I'll get some rest. Hey at least we got great internet connections to use for free.

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