Monday, February 02, 2004

Insulted in good faith
I dunno how to really feel about this blog.
The author made a MST of a fanfic I wrote.
Though its said to be something meant to be humorous, I found it slightly offensive since it pokes fun at my work and yet I was never contacted about it. Sigh..
Find what the author did here.

The author had a disclaimer that read: "Disclaim me, baby: The Enigma Grows is by Tobie Abad, and I'm MSTing it without permission from him. Tobie, if you find this, it's all in good fun so don't take it personally. I mean, if you liked The Enigma, you must be a cool guy."

So I guess I shouldn't feel bad about it. But having never been contacted about this just irks me the wrong way.

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