Wednesday, February 18, 2004


When I was last in Los Angeles, I was DYING to visit a place called the GETTY MUSEUM. The Getty is one amazing museum with rocks shipped all the way from some other country. I guess when you're wealthy beyond belief, you find things to spend your moolah on. So with my brother as my guide and driver (he was able to visit the Getty in the past) I'm off!

Along the way, we were hindered to travel much faster by the big fat monster of a truck in front of us. Well, one can imagine the ideas I had in mind as the truck hindered our progress for nearly a whole hour.

Beautiful... Simply beautiful...

With its floors and walls designed as a replica of a Roman villa, the Getty is just damn beautiful to look at. And with a design approach that just remains unbelievably beautiful, one finds himself thinking he's in another era... or another world. After parking the car down below, you take a gentle tram ride up the hill to get to the Getty.

There were so many sights to see in the Getty. A pity photography was not permitted inside the museum displays itself. The paintings we just gorgeous and the scuptures present simply breath-taking. I tried to take a lot of pictures of the other things you'd appreciate seeing, such as the cactus gardens and the wonderful locations to see.

Eventually, my brother and I needed a break and before you know it, we hit the cafeteria for some grub to grab. To give you an idea how good the food is, consider this: My brother doesn't like salads. He finds them bland and boring to eat. Well, pictures prove that the food in Getty can change the world! Hehehehe...

Ah... how I wish I could share with you everything I saw. But keep this in mind, if you ever get to visit Los Angeles, take a day to visit the Getty.

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