Wednesday, February 18, 2004

The CONVENTION pictures!
During the weekend of the 13th to the 16th, I attended the OrcCon 2004 held at the Westin hotel near the LAX. I volunteered to run a few games and had one major objective in mind: Meet the special guest for the convention, Larry Elmore.

I got to meet him! I got to meet the guy who helped define the vision and imagery of Dungeons and Dragons during its earlier incarnation, as well as give new life to the unforgettable Dragonlance saga.

I tell you, meeting Larry Elmore and chatting with him about the Philippines and all that simply took me out of this world. It was simply amazing! Here I was chatting with the very person who changed my views of fantasy and dragons... and we were cracking jokes about life, gaming and the direction fantasy fiction and art were to take.

Me with the RPG schedulling crew. Many thanks to them all for making me feel very at home and welcome.

Also got to meet two very talented artists. A mother and daughter tandem, both are wonderful people with an incredible capacity to bring to visual life their creativity and vision. I'll try to post links to their online gallery soon.

There were games everywhere! And a lot of wonderful things to see. I tell you, by the second day my neck was hurting from all the glancing around and bending down to read books and peruse products. The sheer number of dice sold on one store frightened me! I tell you, it was simply amazing and unbelievable.

These three guys were pretty much my players for the games I ran. I wish there were more people still interested in White Wolf games, but a pity it seems the d20 games have cornered pretty much the market.

OrcCon 2004... An experience to relive... and to remember.

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