Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Its a Wednesday and..
My Dad's birthday is coming up this friday.
What does that mean? Well, cancel all gimmicks from today onwards so I can prep up for whatever rush project my mom comes up with to surprise him. Its nothing new really, but at times a tad frustrating since I had plans of my own that I now have to sacrifice.

Well, then again, it is for my dad's birthday, so the sacrifice isn't that bad.

Bitin lang.
I really wanted to sing, damn it.

On a side note...
I have no idea if anyone here reads it, but are there readers for my attempt at a fictional blog, Sky Diving Without Parachutes?
Just wondering.

I got plans of upping it soon. Like giving two other people the password and the right to add "a letter" to the ongoing plot that enhances the story any way they wish. Sort of like those rengga poems I taught the (now dead from what I gathered) Powerpoets group way back when I was still hosting it. (Looks around for more accusations again of "holding on to the past"). Well, it would be fun, but I have to choose carefully who gets to take a stab at it I guess.

Other than that, been diving into various musical scores. Got myself a coy of the OST for Silent Hill 3 and for Metal Gear Solid, two amazing games with great stories and wonderful interfaces. Highly recommended, both games and OSTs!

Well, that's it for now.
Off to head from.
Got songs spinning in my head.
And a desperate need to kiss for hours.
A pity my lips are going to go dry tonight.

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