Thursday, January 15, 2004

It is 3:30am and..
...I am depressed.
God, who would have thought the end of a gaming line would affect me this way. Bad enough that I feel sort of under-the-weather (I blame the KFC dinner I had. Something not right about trying to eat fried chicken while watching The Thing. (Pardon the link to the game the movie inspired but I couldn't find an offical site of the movie online). Well, so I think I'll be stuck awake for a few more hours, and be stuck at home tomorrow/later nursing a not-so-happy body.

Damn, I am a geek.
And I might be proud of it.
But I don't really like labels, I guess.

Vampires. Changelings. Wraiths. Werewolves. Mages. Kindred. Cainites. Kithain. Kinain. Hsien. Autumn folk. Chimera. Ghouls. Garou. Bastet. Ghural. Bagheera. Ratkin. Corax. Spectres. Lemures. Babarri. Nephandi. And the rest of you buggers... I'm gonna keep you all alive by giving games even if the line ain't continued anymore, damn it. There's been so much stories shared, and still so many more to tell.


I'm teary-eyed because of a game.
Fuck me.
This is worse than that time I cried while watching Mulan (It was that scene when the Huns attack, riding their horses down the snowy slope) due to the sheer poetry and beauty of the shot. I mean, seriously, Mulan was one poetic piece of animation, I tell you. Nothing as intense as Studio Ghibli works (Official but in Japanese site here, I admit, but still enough to stir you into an emotional wreck.


It is Gehenna indeed.

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