Monday, January 19, 2004

And with that the weekend ends...
Well, its 2:00am as I type this real fast (since I do still need sleep) and attempt to record the events of two long yet well-worth the exhaustion days. Firstly, the New Worlds 2 event finally ended, with much to be desired. Was able to hold two demo games: One for StarWars using the first edition of the d20 rules for three players. The other was a Vampire: The Masquerade game for four players. Many thanks to those who took a stab at my games: Gelo, Mark Jaesen, Ner, Mye, Cherish, and two others whose names I sadly have forgotten. The fact that all seemed to have enjoyed the game, even if we had to nearly scream at each other most of the time due to the ambient racket was proof enough for me that the demos were a success. Here's to hoping that to those who weren't gamers yet eventually develop a longing, if not a taste, for the hobby itself.

Then, there was my trips to the Alamat booth, where the ever inspiring Carl Vergara and Gerry Alanguilan made me feel very welcome. Finally got to meet the ever elusive Budjette Tan as well as the legendary David Hontiveros (whom I wish I could chat with but I admit failed to find the guts to do so. Intellectually superior people tend to intimidate me. It is true! Take for instance the time I first met Dean and Nikki Alfar. I was literally struggling not to stutter in front of them.)

Saw a bunch of old schoolmates and friends too. And it was really nice to bump into people from the old MALATE LITERARY FOLIO group. Ah, College days are still a fond memory.

The cosplay people were amazing! I just loved seeing all the flash and fluff. A pity though some Cosplay people just couldn't really capture the feel of their characters. Pogi points to Azrael who stalked about in the APU designed by a Robert Wong (who won in the C3 convention a few months back). Although I don't know if he'd ever forgive me for the wisecrack about the APU's ability to "Make up for certain male insecurities".

Wished I saw some people attend the con though. There was no sign of Dean or Nikki, nor of the lag-lag-panty-master Elbert or his sweeter-than-sin Camy. I had hoped to find the young-yet-eruditeAndrew or maybe even big-daddy-bed Vinnie himself in the con but I guess they had other things to do. Also missed a lot of my old gaming buddies and close friends whom I kind of hoped would be there. Tom, Ryan, Oliver, Dhex and so much more...

Met up with my gaming T.R.O.P.A. (supposedly The Roleplayers Of Paranaque Area but I kinda prefer the ring of Tobie's Roleplayers Of Paranaque Area heheheh) and created characters for the upcoming Gehenna Vampire-focused game. Although I already am running two games side-by-side as a Gehenna Chronicle (namely: Memento Mori(newbie-friendly games) and The Devil Made Me Do It(demon-centric game), I wanted a Vampire-centric experience for my main gaming group.. plus a new player by the name of Urim.

Spend part of Sunday morning hanging with my family. Sophie opted to surprise me and wake me with a barrage of glittery colorful whistles that she attacked me with while dancing on top of my tummy. Note: That website I made for her is waaaay out of date. Will look for their new family website and post it asap. Dad of course was teasing me about being home only to be asleep. Sigh. Mom was ever supportive though. But when they both suggested I transfer to some other apartment due to a gang-related fight we witnessed early this week on my way home, I kind of tried to keep my calm. I'm happy now that I moved out. I gained a sense of independence. Though I know they mean well, thier desire to move me to some other apartment (and pay for it too) kinda irked me and made me wonder if they realise how much that felt like they didn't believe I could take care of myself.

Special pogi points, buddha blessings and good karma go to Alex and the ever friendly and nice K8, the demo-god charisma 29++ Jay who can probably sell both ice and freezers to penguins, the Great Old One and his every immortal Goddess Adrian and Nabs, and the talo-pa-ang-Friendster-sa-six-degrees-of-separation Charles who seemed to know EVERYONE I also knew.

A great weekend.
Almost as great as a quickie while your partner's parents are just outside the door.

Well, then again, greater I guess.

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