Tuesday, December 23, 2003

I hate static electricity
Static Electricity is like dead emotions.
You know they are charged and still violatile. You know they can be wild and powerful. You know they can still zap something to life. And yet, there they lie silent and quiet, giving the most unassuming appearance. They give the semblance of calm and of safety.

Fuck Static Electricity.

Today, I think I may have fried my parent's 3360AP Compaq after attempting to plug in the disconnected telephone line to the computer while it was in the process of booting. The computer suddenly flickered a warning and shut down on me. A haunting message spoke of something about doing that to keep the computer from suffering further damage. I dunno.

Called Seth up and according to him, it may have been static charge accumulating on the plug. Especially with the cool weather.

Is it dead? Or just asleep for now til the charge I mistakenly given it fades away... remains to be seen.

All I know is that I hate static electricity right now.

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