Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Christmas party number... uh, I forgot
So many parties in one year, I tell you. I lost track how many have happened.
Last night was another great one. Food was great! Company even better! Oh boy, the loads of beer and wine I had in one sitting.

We played the Lord of the Rings: Trivial Pursuit game again with the girls going against the guys. Sadly, though the guys put up a tremendously exciting fight, the girls won the game in the end. It was fun, seeing them panic over questions and rattle their brains for the answer.

After wards, we had a game of Charades with topics ranging from Filipino Movies, to Scientific Theorem. Once again, it was girls against guys with the final topic being written by the teams themselves. The guys, having a huge lead against the girls, opted for more humorous topics and had the girls struggle to act out the titles of various TF Films (note: TF films, otherwise known as Tintillating Filipino films are infamously known for thier sexual scenes and breast exposures.) but the best word for the game came from the girls with Humu-Humu-something... ah.. basta, name ng tropical fish from this weird Hawaii song.

There was ice cream! A pity I am one of the few people whom can't have ice cream and beer within the same hour. Ho well... may Cookies and Cream pints pa naman ako sa bahay.

The trips home was just as fun with me, Donna, Ford and Elaine traversing the area to bring each other home. Laughs abounded pretty much the length of the journey. Still, it was a shock being called a Slut, a Kikay and a Talipandas all in the same breath. Grabe ha.. I'm not THAT bad.

Well, maybe sometimes.

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