Thursday, October 02, 2003

Interesting twists
Bumped into Apa Ongpin again.
Surprise, surprise! He actually checked out DILIMAN. And even more shocking, he liked it.
He said he's trying to convince some guys at publishing to take a stab at it. Oh boy oh boy... I do hope this leads to something cool.

Crappy People of the Past
Had a close encounter with some freaks of my past.
Thank God they were too stuck-up and full of themselves to notice I was there.
Ha, bonus points for me!
Even more interestingly is how they still act like a goody-nice pair of human beings when in truth, they're the most judgmental and ungrateful pair I have ever known. God, talo pa nila ang mga ibang taong talagang mayabang at sobrang grabe ang ugali. They have the fucking gall to consider themselves... ah yun na. Baka dumulas pa at magsimula ulit ang away.

As far as I know, I'm glad they aren't part of my life anymore.
If only they can stop being part of the world too.

Free Dinner and Beer!
It is the start of Oktoberfest and my boss decided being an international company, we deserved to celebrate it! Without warning, its free dinner and beer! Yeehay! I guess my job does have its perks.

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