Saturday, August 02, 2003

Realised I was dumb moment
In my Jesus DeuX post, Ian recommended I read some Jonathan Larsen for ideas. I replied, "Who's Jonathan Larsen?" Slap me silly and tie me to a tree, the guy is the author of RENT! Okay okay okay, time for me to be very ashamed and embarassed for my obvious lack of intellect there.

Another Argh
Was very anxious to bring myself a music cd of the Final Fantasy X-2 soundtrack that I acquired. I grabbed a couple of CD-Rs and I was already working in my head what I'll do for cover designs and the like when... I suddenly remembered the new computer in my parent's house didn't have the CD-Burner installed yet. We got a Compaq 3360AP computer you see. Its got a year long warranty and the like. But that also means I can't just open it up and install the hardware I need (like the CD burner). Tough luck. Sigh.

Last Argh for the day so far
Went to the mall with my dad today. Got a haircut (it ain't really my thing but at least I look human again) and had plans of seeing a movie. I heard about Bad Boys II being very good. And about Tomb Raider 2 being more of a yawn than anything. Well, so long as it was a free movie right?

We didn't get to watch. By the time we finished getting our hair cut, the movies had begun. And we were stuck in that Mallers limbo of being an hour past or too early for the movie, whatever movie we picked.

Its been raining hard.
I guess God relates with me.

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