Sunday, August 10, 2003

The Orpheus Group
Its called projecting, the ability to separate the soul from the body and interact with ghosts. Its a multi-billion dollar enterprise for companies like Orpheus Group, which offers its services to public and private interests. Its also a portent of dark things to come. Orpheus is a new type of game, a ghost story for ghosts told in a six-book limited series. Hardcover. Core Book.
I can't wait to get this!
Are you someone who should work in the Orpheus Group?
Your Shade is: banshee

Banshees voice insight, understanding the emotions of others and foreseeing the effects of those emotions. This insight drives you to help others work through their pain and resolve their problems, from the living who cannot endure their lives to the dead who are trapped in endless cycles of repetition. You can, however, be too slow to act, trapped by not wanting to inflict further pain or by being too willing to see every point of view and choose none. Once trained, you'll be able to speak from soul to soul, giving a voice to those who have no words for their grief--we call this effect the Wail.

You'll learn much more as a valuable employee of the Orpheus Group. Welcome aboard!

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