Monday, August 11, 2003

Gaming Blues and the coming of Ragnarok
Not too long ago, I was complaining that the hype of Ragnarok Online has detrimental effects to the table top roleplaying game community. Sadly, my words were met with disagreeing glances and flames that claimed I was being close-minded and what have yous. After struggling to explain my side on the matter so many times, I have realised its pointless.

A friend put it nicely, "Everyone has the right to play what they want."

But today, a conversation with a friend of mine unearthed the fact my words were not without truth.

ME: So how have you been spending your weekends?
FRIEND: Okay I guess. Haven't really been in touch with the others.
ME: That's too bad. Oi, have you heard, Gehenna is here!
FRIEND: Wow. So they're actually ending the World of Darkness? They're going to stop printing it?
ME: Well, not completely. They're releasing a new World of Darkness later in the 2004 or 2005.
FRIEND: Obviously been out of touch. Haven't been gaming kasi.
ME: When was the last game?
FRIEND: A few months ago. Two I think.
ME: Ragnarok?
FRIEND: Yeah. All my former gamer buddies are now into it. They'd rather spend hours online and killing critters than actually visiting friends and meeting up for games now. Ho well, that's that I guess.

And frankly, this got me pissed.
It got me pissed because Ragnarok has actually become a reason to stop gaming table top games. It has actually become a barrier even to hanging out with friends and simply going online with other people whom you probably never even met. And..

Ah, forget it. Why am I even posting this here?
No one cares anymore.

Table Top games is nearing its deathbed.
At least I can promise it, I'll be with it til the end.

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