Saturday, July 05, 2003

Rabbit-Proof Fence
Just saw this Phillip Noyce movie adapting the true story of Molly Craig and her sisters...Rabbit-Proof Fence - three aborginal kids who were abducted by the Australian government to be trained into being more "white" and being able to work in a "white household". Not wanting to stay, and desperately wanting to be back with their parents, the three set off on an escape that takes them over 2000 km, walking across the Australian landscape, following the rabbit-proof fence that would lead them home.

The film was amazing. It had an intensity and honesty that definitely has been lacking in many other films. The film makes no attempt to declare one side or the other side wrong, but presents both with a naked willingness to be judged. Emotionally, one sides with the kids, empathic to their plight of wanting to be home and back with their parents... but then one looks at the side of the government, hearing their talk about "Saving the Aborginals from themselves" and find himself both agreeing and yet despising them for what they are doing.

Add the masterful performances of Kenneth Brannagh (playing the man behind the government program) and the three talented newcomers to the film industry, and the amazing score of Peter Gabriel and you just find yourself watching a film that will definitely be remembered.

Hope you guys find a copy to watch.
It's amazing!

Makes me wish there was something I could do to help.

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