Friday, July 04, 2003

Gwaaah. Office e-mail acting like an antedeluvian's attempts at gaining an erection without the help of Viagra or suction tubes... the frustration of seeing all these unread e-mails is hideously irritating. Something tells me I should just give up and head for lunch soon enough.

Purchased The Body Book: The Geography of the Filipino Body Editted by Maria C, Arriola and illustrated by Onib Olmedo. Its serving as a WONDERFUL source of material and ideas for my locally themed online comics. Have to find more resources like this.

Forced to put Bangungot on hold due to workload issues. Ironically, being unable to read my office e-mails, I might be unable to work. Hmm.. this is starting to be as strange as that time I was working with a friend of mine on a possible local comic way back in my highschool years. We were working on a God-Alien-Science-Evolution-Mecha-Psionics type of science fiction idea. Having meticulously typed over fourteen pages of ideas as well as name concepts and researched material for the book, I was on the verge of saving when zap! the power goes out. "Maybe this ain't so good an idea," I teased Ryan when suddenly the lights came back on. Ryan and I laughed out loud for a few seconds about how the thing happened so perfectly. What's frightening is around a minute or so later, Ryan commented "Shall we get back to making this comic work?" only to have the power die out again and remain out for the rest of the evening.

Sometimes, Diving Intervention doesn't try to hide at all.
And you'd be blind not to get the hint.

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