Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Net Trouble
Annoyingly, it was near impossible to get online last night. With the rain thrashing like a drunken whore and the electricity more fickle than a cat's tail, I could not get online to check my mail, blog a bit, or even surf just for the heck of it. Terribly terribly frustrating, I admit. Almost to the point that I wanted to bust my monitor for showing me failure.

I dunno. I guess all the stress at work makes me think in Mortal Combat imagery.

Pitching Day is Here
At around 2:30pm, I shall be facing the three head honchos of my company, as well as the Program managers appropriate to my pitch and deliver what would be the beginning (or the pathetic end) of a possible show in ABS-CBN. Currently, my biggest problem isn't pulling it off, or getting the presentation done. Its actually deciding what to wear. A polo? A t-shirt like I normally do at work (Thank God for work without uniforms. I like the sense of individuality you can place in each day) A barong?

First impressions count a lot in a pitch. Especially when you're hoping the idea would sell against the nth number of other ideas presented that same day.

But I guess I should just keep in mind, its the pitch I'm selling, not my ability to present. Its the idea. Not me.
With that, I guess I'm good as gold.

Yabang ba?

Late at Work!
Last month, I had a record-breaking total tardiness equal to 2.1 HOURS.
Egad, I guess I've been slacking eh? On hindsight I do recall those horrible traffic days and the other days that I just can't seem to get out of bed soon enough having worked overtime the night before.

Well, its no excuse I guess. Gotta kick my butt into motion.

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