Monday, July 14, 2003

Honestly Depressed
Okay, I shall say this without a doubt: Dancer in the Dark is a depressing film. When I finally found the courage to complete the movie, I just found myself heavy-hearted and tremendously struggling not to hate the world. One truth I have discovered in my so far 26 years of life is that any movie based on some real-world setting isn’t too far off from being an actual experience or event that is happening somewhere in the world. And I guess Dancer in the Dark counts under the category of “Somewhere out there, someone is dying for a crime she never did commit.”

Ah, Bjork.. you have scarred me.

Flooding in the Flat
I returned to my apartment this Sunday to discover something I do not want ever to happen again. The rains of Saturday and Sunday converged upon me in an act of malice: My apartment was flooded in.

Thankfully, though the water spread half-way across the living room, it missed all major appliances, and failed to truly destroy all my personal affects that were inside old balikbayan boxes (after all I have yet to buy all the shelves and polyboxes I need for my stuff). It consumed the floor tiles and finally exited via the bathroom and its ever reliable drain.

Let me tell you this: Never trust a weekend that has rain welcoming your moment of waking.

Exalted Card Game

When the fad of Collectible Card Games swept the nation, and every other teen was searching for their Black Vise, I was happily playing a game called Jyhad. Based on a roleplaying game called Vampire: The Masquerade by White Wolf Gaming Studios, I was content to see if my opponents could out-wit me politically, or find ways around my Trap-inspired combats.

Recently, the same gaming company developed an anime inspired high-fantasy game called Exalted. In the game, you play humans who have been chosen by the Gods to defeat their enemies, and eventually find yourselves in an Age when mortal men seek your heroism and yet fear your destructive capacities. It is a great game and I am still enjoying playing it.

Recent news announced that the same company plans to release a Card Game based on Exalted. If the game is anything an innovative and fun as the Jyhad game (now known as Vampire: The Eternal Struggle) then I can’t WAIT to try it.

I just hope it doesn’t come out as hard to find and play as the rest of them CCGs.

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