Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mayfair Games, you are AWESOME

So Rocky and I, on our last trip to Singapore, got our very own copy of Settlers of Catan.
It took a few days before we actually opened it, and it was then my friend Jovan discovered there were only fourteen white wooden road pieces in the set, while the rest were fifteen.

At first, I resigned myself to just accepting the fact it was missing a piece.  But Jovan and Neek insisted I try writing in to at least check if there's a place to find replacements or anything.

I wrote my email to them a few days back.
This is their reply.

I love companies that try to make their customers happy.
Thank you so much Mayfair Games!

And yes, I've just purchased the 5-6 Player Expansion for the game.
Up next, hunting down Seafarers of Catan, Cities and Knights, and finding that Frenemies rules thing.
And to look for Catan: Oil Springs.


  1. Don't forget Star Trek Catan, hehe

    1. Oh yes! Definitely going to look for that one.



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