Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Rain ain't stopping, but that's the least of my worries.

So, it is 4:15p.m.

I got enough sleep.
I haven't had any cigarettes since yesterday, so this is my official first 24 hours.
I haven't eaten either.

Wisdom Tooth needed two extra x-rays and now I think I have a better idea why.  My dentist has opted to recommend a different person handle it, so I'm now waiting to hear from the other dentist as to when it will be.  For the mean time, that does mean I can head back to work.  Just have to ignore the pain.

I haven't been taking pain killers.  I dunno, I just don't like them.  Admittedly, I don't like drugs in general so yeah whether it is recreational or medicinal, if I could skip it, I would.  Some friends have suggested I try this or that dentist, with discussions going as high as 25k for the extraction.  "At least it will be painless," one even suggested.  I dunno.  That's a LOT of money.  And I mean a LOT.   Somehow, I rather be paid that to endure pain.

Over all things are in a bog of blah.  I'd love to say more about the political state of affairs, but I rather not do something "illegal."   I will say this however,  October 3 is definitely a day that I will regret having as part of our Nation's history.    Just utterly embarrassing and sad.

I miss waking up to find food waiting for me.  I miss being nudged awake with kisses and a passionate bout of love-making.  I miss feeling important and watched over.  I miss being able to game and not feel like I was imposing my hobby on someone else.  I miss dancing with the one I love at a club.  I miss prepping that person's drink and making sure it always was cold.   I miss not having to go to a fucking motel just to get my rocks off.  I miss being able to say "I am home" and feel I really am home.

I miss being able to say, "I am happy.  And I already found the rest of my life.  So move on, this guy ain't someone you're going to taste" and know it is absolutely true.

Maybe I should just keep smoking.

At least I was less dramatic when I did.

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