Saturday, September 22, 2012

Friday Update

So today was an interesting day.

Woke up to my alarm and rushed to prep my work for the day.  Rocky texted me later to remind me of our plans to get a haircut.  En route, however, Rocky discovered that SM Cubao already had the Mini Changers Kreons he was highly anticipating.. and guess what happened next.

HHehehehe and hey, I am definitely NOT complaining about this.  This is part of why I love the guy so much.  To see him so giddy and excited to dive back into his fandom is such a wonderful thing.  I know many people find it hard to understand us geeks, but in some ways, I've learned to just accept it as a truth of life.  I mean, I don't get why some people claim to have wanderlust, or have a deep need to buy branded crap.  I guess that's their own fandom, in a manner of speaking.

Got a hair cut at last.  Rocky has a very nice trim to complement his great looks.  I asked the barber to just give me whatever he thinks will look good on me.  Was that a good idea?  Probably not.  But I'll let the results speak for themselves.

The hair on the sides of my head have regained their touch of grey, however.  I guess the dye I once had on (upon my other ex's request) had finally failed to hide the passage of time.  But I'm not complaining.  I'd like to think I'm aging pretty gracefully.  I know of some people far younger than me who can pass for my older brother.  Or dad, even.

But I will say I do feel pretty awesome at how I look.  I guess all the working out and supplement drinks are really helping shape out a better build for me.   I've always wanted to look better, admittedly, but I never thought my body type would accommodate it.  As of the late, however, I'm starting to see development in the right direction.

So yeah, pardon me if I'm enjoying cam-whoring every now and then.

Broke a heart today.  Not too proud of it, but I'd like to believe I was honest about things from the start.  Admittedly, I feel like a douche-bag, even if I never lead the guy on.  From the start, I did clarify that I was just meeting up and having fun, but even with full disclosure, I have to admit I still feel crappy for making that person regret meeting me.  Told Rocky about it and he helped remind me that I was not in the wrong.  "He chose to meet with you," which is true.  I guess I just really hate making a good guy feel like shit.  The guy does deserve to find someone really awesome.

I hope he does in time.
I really do.
Ended up watching Grey Gardens with Rocky too.

The episode of The New Normal had touches of the movie in it and Rocky discovered then that I had NO idea what Grey Gardens was about.  Having seen it now, I have to say I am... it is hard to describe how I feel about it.  Disturbed?  Amazed?  Aghast?  Empathetic?  I feel tempted to let certain people I know see it, so hopefully they sense how they seem to be on the same path... but I dunno if that would be wise.

Drew Barrymore was such a hoot in it, admittedly.  Her ever-shifting accent was hilarious.  I just couldn't laugh given how disturbed I felt about the story, since it was based on real people.

Got a game to look forward to this Sunday.  This should be episode four of Agenda, the Adventure! - Aberrant - Aeon Trinity epic storyline that I've had cooking for years in my head.  I'm anxious for this coming game because its a chance to bring the story another step forward.  As to what direction I'm taking it, I'm definitely keeping mum about that until then.

Life continues moving forward though.  While there are clearly some friends who seem insistent in thinking I need "help" of some sort, I know I'm definitely happier and more centered than I have been during the first few weeks of the break-up.  Am I deluding myself and trying to convince myself I'm happy?  Definitely not.  However, I am aware I'm not in the happy level I used to be in.  I just don't get why some people seem more determined to prove their right than to just be supportive and happy for me that I'm much better than before.   Even worse, throw unnecessary drama.  And supposedly I'm the one being reactive.   Sighs.

I guess I just have to be understanding, again.

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