Sunday, July 22, 2012

Song writing at 5:34 in the morning

Meet me half way

that's all I ask.
Put your pride aside

and focus on the task.

Meet me half way

that's all we need.
To wounds have to fester,

does pain have to bleed?

Meet me half way

that's all you need to do.
Or tell me it's not possible,
just tell me what is true.

Meet me half way
that's all I expect.
Or make me another martyr
in this new life-based trek.

I ain't like other people.

I ain't another John.
I ain't a one-night stand,

who come morning is already gone.

Meet me half way.
Show me you value we are.
Or tell me this ain't worth it
and I'll leave with my car.

I ain't a blind addiction.
I ain't a moment of bliss.
I ain't some fascination
that begins and ends with a kiss.

Meet me half way.

Tell me this is your life.
I can't be your only husband.
I'll never be your wife.

But meet me half way
and I promise you, you will see
unlike the past relationships
in this, you will really have me.

I can pretend
I can obey
I can extend
my horizons today.
I can be blind
I can be silent.
But you'll never find
another one this determined.

So meet me half way
and show me you want this.
Or tell me it is over
before I feel I'm just another jerk.

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