Thursday, March 22, 2012

Rethinking the blog's existence...

At over 40k hits, I find myself looking at this blog and wondering if I should maintain it further.  While in the past it served as a wonderful place for me to document stuff in my life, nowadays I realize I have other blogs that have taken most of my time when it comes to updating them.

I have Blame it on the Rain, Bro which serves as my outlet for anything related to my personal thoughts on being bisexual, on labeling myself gay to challenge those who think being bisexual is just used as a fear of saying or calling oneself gay, and anything else related to that.

I have Baduy Pride which nicely documents the happiness that I have in my life with it being shared with the two guys who complete me.

And lastly, I have Tagsessions, which has become the venue for anything gaming related that I would love to talk about.

There was even G Komics which was supposed to be, but never did blossom, into my comic blog.

So what then should I update here in The Garapata Can Speak?  That exactly is the question that is nagging me right now.  Should I just close this blog then?  Leave it open for rants that don't exactly fit in the other blogs?  This reminds me of the time I shifted to Blogger and Facebook from Multiply.  Ah... choices... decisions...

Anyone out there got an opinion they want to share?

Me and Duck at Hong Kong

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