Thursday, January 05, 2012

Welcoming the first week of the year with a sneeze!

The Garapata is feeling sick today.  Been sneezing so much I can probably refill a tube of toothpaste.  Allow me to spare you guys the times when I'd sneeze and end up giving myself a bukake-like mask.  Ugh.

Come to think of it rOckY and I have been feeling under the weather for the last few days now.  To try to help recovery happen faster, we've even opted to use separate glasses and reduce any kissing to close-mouthed smacking until we both get better.  I guess it is for the best for now.  That way, if one person gets better first, the other can catch up, rather than reinfect the other again.

It can be funny how in synch rOckY and I can be in times like this.  Whether it be financial balancing, periods we crave for something, or something as simple as getting the urge to play Dynasty Warrior, we find ourselves matching wavelengths in so many ways.

Anyway, here's hoping we recover very soon.  Still have a trip to O bar Ortigas to consider, a game with Mahar and Urim and a spa run with a friend to look forward to.

Antibodies, work overtime!


  1. Sinipon din ako a few days ago. Tapos bigla kong nakursunadahan yung Lipton Iced Tea with Lemon. So inaraw-araw ko... 1 liter a day... ayun, tanggal yung sipon ko :D



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