Saturday, October 01, 2011

Today's WTF dream

Today's Strange Dream:

Me at Singapore with friends to perform in some kind of a function.  My dad is there too.  The friend mix is kinda strange, having old schoolmates like Roseann G, geek friends like Zuri and Zooey Deschanel.  At one point, while waiting to be allowed to perform, Urim shows up to tell us that they are requiring a full medical check up for all who are taking part.  Urim starts sharing these medical tablets (they look like hydration tablets, only there's around three inches wide in radius.  He tells us with a frown they're requiring "invasive anal exams" as part of the exam.  I cock my head towards him and jokingly reply, "We'll that's gonna be a problem for you straight people" and walk away.

I decide it would do me good to get a full shower so after the exam we can head off to prep for the performance.  I rush off looking for a good place to take a shower. It is at this point the location shifts to BF Homes Paranaque (walking down President's avenue, from Tropical Hut towards where Shakey's used to be) as I search for a shop selling shampoo and soap.  I notice this massive building on the left (which isn't here in BF but is the building in Singapore where Rocky and Mina and I located the gaming shop Paradigm Infinitum) and comment to myself how stupid I was not to see it before all those times I'm looking for toys.  Again the scene shifts, and this time I'm in Don Bosco Makati looking at the not-so-clean bathrooms and thinking, "No, there's a better place I can shower.  There was this bathroom no one uses..." and I hurry away through hallways until I emerge at De La Salle University and enter the SPS building where I used to meet my Malate Literary Folio friends. At the fifth floor, there's a clean bathroom (which now on hindsight, I recall never had a shower) where I then shower facing an open window.  I realize just before I start that I forgot to bring a towel and a change of clothes, but decide better I'm clean than not.

Quick shower.  Then I'm back in line at the medical exam.  The doctor finally receives me and he gives me one look and says, "Nice.  Okay you're done" and part of me  realizes he may have been giving anal exams only to the guys who didn't seem to look clean or good? I step out and seeing this jerk who keeps hitting on me at O bar Ortigas coming up next in line, I decide to evilly say out loud, "Wow, that doctor really used all FOUR fingers at the same time in the anal exam."

With the exam done, I find myself meeting up with my fellow performers and as we make our way to the performance hall, Zooey and I start coming up with an impromptu song.  I wish I could recall right now the whole song and the chords, but damn, it was cool singing with her in the dream.  Snippets of the song I could recall are:

Z: I believe in you
T: I believe in you
Z: And you know it's true
T: Yes I know it's true
Z: I believe that sometimes something happen when
you're starting to get up again
after a painful fall you had before.

T: I believe in you
Z: I believe you do
T: And I know it's true
Z: Because it's all so true
T: I believe we're always going to find a way
to rise up at the end of the day
and stop feeling we live on the floor.

Because when the going get's harder
The day seems to get tougher
The hurdles reach for the sky

Z: You'll be there to say
T: "I'm with you all the way"
Both: And if other's ask why...
Z: It's cause I believe...
T: I believe...
Z: I believe
T: in
Both: You.

So sappy, yes, but awesome, especially since we were literally just coming up with it as we sang (and gosh I so wish I could get the music down).  As we sang this song, we were walking out of the exam building, down Orchard Road, then turning a corner to what became the downhill slope of Santan street in Tahanan Village, then finally, into an old fort-like building you'd see in Intramuros which had these fun trap-like surprises for tourists who visit.  My dad kept asking us for the lyrics to the song we made up, because he kept telling us we could use it in our future performance (at this point, yes and only at this point, did I realize I was dreaming: my DAD is my director in theater?   Wait, that didn't make sense.  And yes, somehow everything else earlier did.)

Intramuros, from

I start walking with Zooey ahead of us, and me, Roseann G and Zuri arm-in-arm, and my dad behind us, as we start singing the song "Anything Goes" mixed with "I'm the Bravest Individual" of Sweet Charity, complete with us doing the arm-swaying dance of Bravest Individual while we hop over puddles (oh and I should add at this point, Rosie was preggers in the dream.  Around six months worth.)  My dad's having some trouble navigating the stairs so we kinda slow down.  But then, I decide to sprint on up ahead of everyone else, and find Rocky waiting for me at the side entrance to the theater.  He gives me a kiss and tells me, "I can't wait to see it" and I smile and realize it is time to wake up.

Yeah, me and my dreams.
Crazy, ain't they?

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