Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Forgetting lending

So stupid of me.
Lost track again of who borrowed our copy of Batman Arkham Asylum.

So to make sure I don't forget others:
BJ Recio currently has Demon the Fallen.
Paolo Narciso and Kristine have Kabuki Circle of Blood, Pride of Baghdad and WE3.
And Mahar Mangahas has many of my DVDs.
Gigi still has my copy of Elmer.
Adrian (I presume him and not his ex) has my Popllollies & Bellibones and Music & Magic Disney CDs.

Stupid stupid Tobie.

EDIT (8/29):
Just confirmed that:
Sam has Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires
Aldwin has Batman Arkham Asylum

Ah, gotta love social-networks.  They can help communication move faster, indeed.


  1. Wow, dami pala pwede mahiram sau Tobie hehe. Pahiram nga ng ~



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