Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The Voyage is Over

Today, Rocky and I watch the last episode of Star Trek: Voyager.  This would count as my very first Star Trek series.  Hard to imagine we breezed through seven seasons so quickly.  But yes, Rocky has guided me to experience my first full taste of a Star Trek series.  And I am definitely happy it was Voyager.

Gosh, I will definitely miss the cast.  The show was definitely a memorable ride.  I loved the extremes of cultural to technological story arcs, the explorations of humanity and artificial intelligence.  And seriously, I am a fan of the "armor" :-)  I loved it when I saw it back in the Batman Returns movie.  And I love it here.

I will miss the bromance of Kim and Paris.  The two were fun characters who truly added a dash of youth into the show.  I love how Kim would always fall for the wrong girl (Just like whatshername in Charlie's Angels) and how Paris would inevitably find himself at odds with the law/government/tradition/rules.  If Voyager were a rpg, these two clearly were player characters.

I will miss Seven of Nine.  As much as many fans will miss her beauty and sensuality, I would always love her for her naivete and her struggle to understand human norms.  While I wasn't too sold on her interest in Chakotay, I was hoping they would develop her thing for the Doctor.    Glad to know you're gonna be in Warehouse 13.

And most of all, I will miss Janeway.  I loved her strength and her compassion.  I loved her determination and her focus.  And most of all, I loved her faith.  She believed when all others would falter.  She trusted when all others would be afraid. 

 Star Trek : Voyager

May the show never be reinvented/relaunched/remade.
But may there be a new series someday, exploring how the universe now changes with the Borg Queen dead.

Can you imagine?

Star Trek: Ghibli?
Now THAT would be awesome.

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