Friday, August 19, 2011

Ongoing Tobie Games

I currently have three ongoing role-playing games.  There's something to be said about being able to have more than one ongoing game chronicle at a time.   Currently they are the following:

With Paolo, Kristine and Baki as players.

Inspired by the works of Warren Ellis (Planetary, Global Frequency) and the unexplored myth of the Machine God in the new World of Darkness system, Tabula Rasa explores the lives of three individuals who find themselves part of a global, and perhaps even beyond global, conspiracy.  

Marcus Helvig has discovered he has the ability to empathically read the hidden meanings in people's words.  Natalie Straffon has become the ultimate cipher, comprehending as well as speaking in languages she has never learned.  Jacob McCalister has become an psychometrist with the capacity to gleam impressions of strong emotional events from things.   And Emiko Lee, a cibopath, who can perceive impressions on the other hand through any chemical traces mingling in anything she eats.

The four have become investigative agents under the Tabula Rasa and have discovered the existence of something known as The Cult of the Machine God.

With Dennis and BJ as players.

As a foray into the Changeling the Lost game system, Faeredoom is a mind-blogging modern horror tale of lost freedoms, faerie folk mischief, and the foreboding echoes of eventual doom.

Martin Gray, a help-desk operator who had lost the use of his legs after a rock-climbing accident, and Mike Laird, a struggling horror-writer who once was a teenage celebrity, find themselves gaining the attentions of things that watch in the darkness.    Gray finds himself stalked by a misshapen creature with vicious yellow eyes.  Laird finds himself constantly visited by tiny creature with a thing for human teeth.   Are they just nightmares?  Or something worse.

The Forsaken Kingdom
With Rocky, Mahar, Victor and Urim.
Game site here.

Changeling the Dreaming remains one of my favourite games.  It is with great joy that I get to re-explore this game setting with my partner and our friends.  Set in the Kingdom of Apples, the four kithain quickly discover that only by working together than they overcome the darkness of the coming Endless Winter.
Lady Songbird ap Fiona, Rendsever the Steel Gnasher, James McTaggert and Flynn Wordweaver must find a way to rescue the missing High King before Concordia tears itself apart.   And before the oathcircle tears itself apart as well.


  1. Hi Tobie and Rocky! Can I ask a favor? Mag-guest naman kayo sa blog namin hehe. One article lang :)

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