Friday, August 05, 2011

Animal or not to Animal

Not quite sure yet how to feel about the new DC Universe Animal Man.

I love Animal Man.  The Vertigo stories nicely explored the concepts of animals, humanity and the Green.  The DC Universe Animal Man was fun too, especially when he was part of the Justice League.

Yep, Animal Man is one of the few heroes who broke the  fourth wall and spoke/saw us readers.
Zatanna was another.

The new one. I'm not so sure.

I do like this particular except from the script though for the coming comic:

Buddy leaps through the air towards Edwin, fists clenched and barking angrily.
1. (CAPTION) BUDDY: This man is troubled. He’s experienced loss that I can barely fathom. But now he’s also endangered all these innocent children…and I can’t allow that.
2. (CAPTION) BUDDY: I grab my favorite “action hero” cocktail of animal abilities…
3. (CAPTION) BUDDY: Strength of an elephant, reflexes of a fly, speed of a cheetah…
4. (CAPTION) BUDDY: And the bark of a dog. That one always freaks them out.

So yeah, maybe, just maybe I will give it a chance.

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