Saturday, July 02, 2011

Happy Wheelie Day!

Rocky and I spent most of today just staying at the Sietch.  The weather was a tad warm at first, but quickly grew cooler as night crept in.  Rocky surprised me by bringing home Chicken Empanadas and a Red Ribbon Fudge Cake! Sadly, Mango Cream Pie wasn't available but even that barely dampened the joy and excitement of today.

Right now, I am still finishing some last few ABBA-related work, but later tonight we are heading to Yale for a friend's birthday party.  We have gaming to look forward to tomorrow night and another birthday (Happy Birthday Anak!) to attend after that.  Quite busy, but very happy!  If we're lucky, we will be able to squeeze in some massage time.

I always find myself getting all mushy when I recall that fateful night when Rocky pretty much proposed to me with Wheelie in his hands.  And how we both realized how strong the connection we shared really was.  That night will always be a night we will celebrate.

Happy Wheelie Day!
I love you, Rocky!

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