Saturday, June 11, 2011

So excited I can't speak!

xkcd always rocks!

Finally gonna be gaming again.

It has been a while (anything longer than two weeks is too long!) since Rocky and I have been gaming, so it is quite exciting to know in a few more hours we will be playing again at last.  This time, it will be with an old schoolmate of theirs named Victor.   The guy seems to be a gamer, though more in the mmo and videogame kind of sense.  He supposedly has never tried a tabletop game before, so this should be... an experience for him.  I know I've had some people swear off gaming after getting nightmares from a game I ran, but I also know of some people who took the fear, faced it, and came out a better man (or mother, so to speak).

One of the few (if not only) MMO I'd ever enjoy I think.

Not quite sure yet what to throw at them.  One thing is for sure, I'm sticking to the good ole New World of Darkness system.    The specifics are the tricky part.  For now the game is tentatively to be seen as a one-shot game.  We have yet to see if Victor will enjoy our gaming style and if he will want to stay for more sessions.  But unlike the previous games (Singularity, Once, etc) this one might have much more horror than heroism in it.

Something like this.. hmm?

Anyway, here's hoping to it begin a fun night.
I really, really miss gaming.  While I have been running a semi-gaming thread in Pinoyg4m, it just isn't the same.  Table top face-to-face gaming will always be a "vice" of mine that I will hold close to my heart.  Others can have their own poison.  Gaming is mine.


I'm just lucky that my partner Rocky enjoys it too.

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